5 Best Places to Buy Rings

It can be a bit overwhelming to look for the perfect ring, mainly because of the many options out there.

Whether you’re looking for a ring for your engagement, wedding, or only as a gift, choosing the best place to buy one is as important as choosing the ring itself.

There are several considerations for one to determine which place to buy a ring, whether it’s due to price, quality, design or the combination of all three.

Whatever the reason may be, we have ranked below the five best places to buy rings.

blue earings

James Allen

Buying jewelry online might sound a bit sceptical, but not with James Allen, who manufactured diamonds for major retailers, including Tiffany & Co.

In fact, James Allen is said to be among others the best online jewelry store — from their customizable loose diamonds, custom engagement rings, real-time interactive diamond inspection, to a wide range of handcrafted diamonds and gemstones.

Their real-time interactive inspection of diamonds allows you to explore their diamonds as clearly as possible in 360° HD with a magnification of up to 40 times.

They also offer one-on-one consultation, free lifetime warranty that covers routine care, and a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

Website: https://www.jamesallen.com/

group of gold and silver ring

Leibish & Co.

If you’re someone who wants to stand out, Leibish & Co is for you.

Leibish & Co offers fine jewelry collection that goes beyond usual trends but at a higher cost. They made it as the best online retailer of fancy diamonds, using fun and unique designs, high-quality, vibrant fancy colored diamonds. 

They carry 14 different colored fancy diamonds including the ultra-rare, red diamond.

They also offer a 360° view that allows you to explore their diamonds, but not in high definition, unlike James Allen’s.

Their Loyalty Program is a great deal that allows you to earn points for every purchase. This can be redeemed later and used off purchases for money.

They also offer a lifetime warranty that covers routine care, a 30-day return policy, and a free resizing within the first 60 days.

Website: https://www.leibish.com/

model with stone earing


Whiteflash is another great choice online carrying some famous designers including Ritani, Simond G., Tacori, and Verragio.

Whiteflash lets you customize your own ring not just based on your criteria, but also based on your budget.

One great deal with Whiteflash is they can actually cut a diamond for you.

They also offer free returns within 30 days but is shortened to 10 days if you order in their virtual selection and a one-year free warranty covering routine repairs with the option of purchasing a 3-year Ultimate Care Plan or Lifetime Ultimate Care Plan.

Website: https://www.whiteflash.com/

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is another great place to buy a diamond online, with their own diamond brand, Astor ideal. 

You can customize your engagement ring with Blue Nile under a large range of metals, loose stones, diamonds of your desired characteristics, and even fancy color diamonds.

One great deal about Blue Nile that James Allen doesn’t offer is the discount they offer when buying via bank versus paying with a credit card.

However, there can be several downsides with Blue Nile as they do not offer free routine repairs and have a limited lifetime warranty that applies to factory defects only.

Website: https://www.bluenile.com/

close up hand with silver rings

Brian Gavin

If you’re into signature diamonds and name brands, Brian Gavin is for you.

They carry Jeff Cooper, Sylvie, and Parade, and another collection of brand name designers.

They also have their own signature collection, like the particularly popular Hearts and Arrows Collection, and their most exclusive line, Black by Brian Gavin designed by himself.

One great deal about Brian Gavin is you can get custom cut stones and fancy color diamonds at affordable prices.

However, Brian Gavin displays just one photo for each of their rings, so this may be a downside. Unlike James Allen, they do not offer a 360° view, either. Their lifetime guarantee policy often extends only to factory defects, although they give 30-day returns.

Website: https://www.briangavindiamonds.com/