Should I Buy My Jewelry In A Department Store or A Niche Store

When you are thinking about a jewelry purchase, you want to get to include slightly of your personality. Of course, it is also crucial that you get your questions answered and learn a bit about the jewelry you’re eyeing. Deciding whether to shop for in a jewelry store or a department store, because they’re on sale, bears an exciting difference.

Buying In A Niche Store 

A niche store is based on a specific niche, such as perfume. In such a store, all items are relevant to that niche that will help it target all interested people, again on the scent.

In this article, we refer to a jewelry store that specializes only in jewelry, as the niche store.

Is the jewelry store, the right choice?

In most cases, the owner and also the employees in a jewelry store are professional jewelers. In fact, many of them are in the business for many years already. It is your call whether to trust them or not.

The good thing about a niche store is that they have a jeweler who knows almost everything about jewelry. It’s because it’s their passion. It’s what they are doing, and that they practically don’t sell anything but jewelry alone.

And because it is the only thing they are doing, they make sure that they cope with the newest trends along with their unique designs.

An excellent and helpful jeweler won’t point you toward just any ring. They make sure that it’s going to work along with your lifestyle, or whoever goes to wear it.

A real jeweler can even make excellent and legit recommendations once you can’t find anything that you like in their store.

The important thing here is that the staff in a jewelry store are knowledgeable about all aspects of their trade and can offer a full range of services that some departments or counter in department stores can’t provide.

Buying In A Department Store

 A department store sells almost everything that you simply need. Unfortunately, when it involves jewelry, they’re simply not an expert, and therefore, won’t be able to provide a broad range of services that a professional jeweler does.

They are often staffed by people that have minimal training in jewelry. The jewelry counter is part of an outsized jewelry company in many cases, and that they contract with a specific department store to own their stand at each outlet therein store.

Those shops also do not have bench jewelers on-site. They’re sending out all their repairs, and you’ve got to worry about that. Why? Well, you do not know who will handle your valuable jewelry.

Department Store Marked Down Sales

Why do these department jewelry counters always seem to be putting sales? Why does their diamond jewelry continue to be marked down by 50 percent?

Often, they mark up their jewelry twice the maximum amount, as is usually expected. Once they have their sale and mark it down by 50 percent, they set the price to the point it should have been, to begin with.

Don’t fret as this doesn’t mean that a department store can’t offer an honest deal. You’ll find a real ring which is really on sale. It’s really been marked right down to a superb price. And also, the girl behind the counter is basically cool and seems to understand her stuff very well.

Final Thoughts

However, the bottom line is that dedicated jewelry stores that come to you, generally, offer more services and are staffed by more knowledgeable people than department stores.

Most jewelry store owners have made a career within the jewelry business. At the department store, the person behind the counter might just be working there for the summer. They’ll be an excellent friendly person and wish you all the best. But that enthusiasm and sweetness are no substitute for experience.

If something terrible happens to your ring, let’s say your diamond fell out! — If you cannot seem to find your receipt, who you are going to require to see: the experienced and knowledgeable jeweler within the jewelry store who knows you or the girl at the counter within the department store, who’s probably not there anyway?